Cyber Security – UTM Seminar

The search for a Total IT Security by companies whether small, medium or large is largely on the increase; as a result of increasing IT security breaches and threats globally. Through this Workshop, delegates will be exposed to what Total IT security is and how firms / organizations can adequately achieve innovative all-round protection for their network and terminal devices.

The Workshop will unleash a state-of-the-art protection for networks and endpoints from one source. Furthermore, the workshop will expose delegates on;

  • Closing existing security gaps.
  • Protecting Company valuables reliably and cost efficiently.
  • Failure-safety assurance.
  • one source approach to overall protection of networks and endpoints devices.

Total IT security is usually a multi-facet, multi-level security approach that entails a number of technicalities. This workshop will show a simple and effective (one source) approach to accomplish a secure system professionally. Please register now to attend the workshop.

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